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Weight Loss Discipline

Weight Loss Discipline

All things being equal they’re not and that is probably the reason you are fighting the battle of the bulge. I remember writing somewhere sometime that weight loss is simple and when viewed from the perspective of logic weight loss is basic maths.

If what goes in does not equal what goes out then the difference rests on your fat rear end. That is the formula for weight gain. However for weight loss the formula is that what goes in must be less than what goes out.

And unfortunately for most of us who love ourselves with a passion and therefore find it hard to use the love word “no” in relation to our cravings, weight loss metamorphoses from a simple formula to an uphill struggle of mammoth proportions.

The key word in this little ramble is discipline. If you really loved your self and hated your royal fatness then you would muster up the courage to use the “no” word once in a very blue moon.

So I went out for dinner last night and me being my shinny new svelte self mingling with fat nation I was intent on being at least half good. So I had surf and turf which was really good and also one Sam Summer beer.

Weight Loss Discipline-Eating Out

Now here’s the thing. The surf and turf consisted of three decent sized shrimp grilled to perfection and three good sized steak tips also grilled and lightly seasoned. I estimated the shrimp to be like one point each and the steak tips to be three points each that comes to a total of 12 points.

Plus the plate included some nice vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes. I am sure that the vegetables had something on them so I gave them 2 points and I brought the garlic potatoes home untouched to my donkey sized black lab, he has no self discipline when it comes to food whatsoever.

The Sam Summer 16oz is four points which brings the total meal to 18 points which in any language is a large portion of a daily points allowance, but still manageable if one plans the day around eating out and then chooses wisely from the menu.

A little pointer for the wine lovers, a restaurant poured glass of wine will be anywhere from 3 to 6 points depending on the generosity of the pourer, so beware of the free pour. If possible ask for a mini bottle of wine if they are available, they are approx 185 ml or 1/4 bottle so you know that they have roughly 4 points.

Anyway remember the key to weight loss is:

  1. Be Committed.
  2. Be Disciplined.
  3. And eat your points or calories or whatever.

Weight Loss Discipline-Loose Skin

Even with diet and exercise, pockets of fat and loose skin can often stick around after you’ve lost the weight. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery procedures, like liposuction, tummy tucks and cellulite removal, can help you get rid of those “extra bits”. Visit to learn more…

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