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Fat Man Day 1

OK so here we go with the fat man weight loss charade.

I started out with a weight of 191lbs 1oz, just a note that my height is 5ft 8 in and for anyone who is interested I am a middle aged man. So what did we do today?

Well I decided to use the weight watchers points platform for this weight loss mission, however I am not going to register with weight watchers, rather I will weigh in weekly in the GNC location in the Hanover Mall and I will use my wife’s endless knowledge of the weight watchers program to guide me re food choices and points.

Considering my sex height and beginning weight it has been decided that I will have a point’s allocation of 31 points per day.

This morning I had 1/4 cup of grits (3 points) with1/8 cup of raisins (1p) for breakfast. The grits take about 20 minutes to boil so I actually prepared them last night and reheated them this morning not optimum in the flavor department but when time is tight who cares. The process today was about eating to live rather than for pleasure.

I became familiar with grits when I lived in Savannah Georgia back in the 90’s and to be honest I would rather pin head oatmeal but it is a bit pricey for a struggling blogger. No!! it’s not true that blogging is a ticket to riches. I regularly post to this blog and some others like Foolish Fish which is a cynical look at society and Epic Ballroom which is a book of poetry, and to be honest I rarely make more than $3 a day so at $6.99 pin head oatmeal is just that bit rich for my pocket book.

By the way pinhead oatmeal is available in Roche Brothers in Marshfield and I believe it is either $5.99 or $6.99 anyway it is wholesome full of fiber and really good if some raising are added to the mix while boiling.

I laid out my food consumption plan in advance; I feel that if you are going to succeed that the last thing you need is a food panic when all that is available is dunkin donuts or MacDonald’s. That is the perfect recipe for self sabotage.

So today my food plan was:

  • Breakfast: 1/4 cup of grits (3 points) with1/8 cup of raisins (1p). Total 4 points
  • Mid morning: 2 slice’s of Rye bread (4p) half banana (1p) and 1/8 cup of raising (1p). Total 6 points.
  • Lunch: 2 slices of Rye bread (4p) half banana (1p) and 1/8 cup of raising (1p). Total 6 points.
  • Desert: 1 small apple (1p)
  • Snack: 40 almonds (4p)
  • Dinner: Large salad containing beetroot (free), lettuce (free), tomato (free), red pepper (free) 1 boiled egg (2p), 1/2 cup of Goya black eye peas (1p), balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Total 3 points.
  • Desert: 1/2 cup of low fat Greek Yogurt (2p) with 1 table spoon of cherry jelly (1p). Total 3 points

Total points for today 03/22/2010 = 27


  • The rye bread I used today was Arnold real Jewish Rye with seeds. It has a strong caraway seed flavor and smell and you really feel like you are eating something special. If you don’t like caraway seed this is definitely not for you. However because of the strong flavor I found that butter or other spread was not necessary and was not missed.
  • I feel that most Americans are missing a real treat by not having beetroot and boiled egg combined in a salad, they really complement each other so wonderfully, delicious.

I am informed by my weight loss coach that I must eat all my daily points ration to gain the full benefit of this program and resulting maximum weight loss. So today I left 4 points on the table which I won’t do tomorrow.

To be honest other than just before I had the salad at 5.00 pm I didn’t really suffer from hunger pangs and this included while I cooked a delicious chicken pasta dinner for my son. The chicken pasta will also be a great boon to this program of mine as the only thing I will have to watch is the pasta portion. I will give this simple recipe when I add it to my daily food plan.

So there we have it day one done and in the book. If anyone cares to ask a question or comment please feel free. I promise I will answer all question relating to this 30 lb weight loss mission.

See ya tomorrow fatties.

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