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Fat Man Day 3

take over the worldFat Man Day 3

Today was an awkward day. First I had to get up at all hours to get my son to the airport for 5.30 am. He is gone to Colorado for a few days skiing. This really messed up my routine that is if you can have a routine after only three days.

Anyway I went to the airport Logan in Boston and dropped my son and drove back to the South Shore on an empty stomach. When I got back I really didn’t feel like cooking grits so I had a banana and some almonds with lots of coffee and headed to the basement to take over the world kind of like pinky and the brain though not as successfully.

For dinner I made a curry thingy with beans onion and mushroom and to tell you the truth I won’t be making it again. If I wasn’t trying to be good I wouldn’t have eaten it, but as I said previously my plan for this week is to eat to live and definitely not live to eat.

It may be boring but you have to look at being overweight as being in a kind of food debt and the lender is looking for payback. The truth is that I ate today’s great tasting food some time ago and pay back really is a bitch.

Almost forgot but I made a weight watch stew which is zero points. It really isn’t a stew but a vegetable soup made from anything that is available. The stew reference comes from my good friend Brian O Neill who used to say that when his mother made a stew she threw everything in even his old boots. Brian died last year so I guess it is true that the good die young.

There is one tip that I will give to any would be aspiring chef; do not repeat do not put a soup on to boil and go on the internet. Chances are that you will do what i did both today and yesterday, boil the pot dry and find your sorry self trying to salvage gunk that could have been tasty.

So here is my boring food consumption report for day 3 of the fat man journals:

  • Breakfast: Banana 2p with 10 almonds 1p. Total 3 p
  • Mid morning: Vegetable stew with added black eyed beans + half bullion cube 1/2p. Total 1 1/2 p
  • Lunch: Boiled egg 2p on rye 2p with baked beans 1p. Total 5p
  • Snack: Crab Meat 1p
  • Dinner: Curried green pigeon peas 3 1/2p with onion and mushroom +tea spoon of canola oil 1p. Total 4 1/2p
  • Desert: Low fat Greek Yogurt 2 with table spoon cherry jelly 1p. Total 3p
  • Later: 1 weight watchers toffee 1p

Total = 19 p

It really looks like I fell way below my points today but the vegetable soup was really filling and for a zero point offering it was like stealing.

The recipe for the vegetable stew goes something like this but remember that it is like a jazz ensemble it kind of adlibs depending on availability of players. Anyway here it is:

Vegetable Stew Recipe

  • Place any vegetables you can find in a large pot
  • I find that turnip or swede is a perfect base plus red pepper, carrot, zucchini, summer squash broccoli, celery mushroom ect, ect. ect, you get the idea.
  • Onion is required, you really can’t cook anything any good without an onion, the queen of food as they say in Spain
  • I can of tomatoes
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • I love to add Chinese 5 spice and a drop of soy sauce and lea and Perrine Worcester sauce but these are optional.
  • The method is really simple and for gods sake stay off the computer or you will end up scraping your zero point soup off the bottom of the pot.

The beauty of this soup is that you can make enough to last for days and it really is a life saver when hunger mounts a surprise attack. And believe me it is really good not to mention nutritious. You can also choose to run it through a blender for a smooth soup. And if you want to add a point then you can add a bullion cube. Some bullion cubes are not a point but who’s counting.

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