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Fat Man Day 4

So guys have you ever met anyone who was sort of dead or sort of pregnant. The thing with being dead or pregnant is that it takes commitment.

Commitment means that there is not way back, it’s like the bacon and egg breakfast analogy: the chicken is involved, the pig is committed.

The trouble with most people who are trying to lose weight is that they are sort of on a diet. They would dearly love to see someone they used to know looking back at them from the mirror but when it comes to feeding time all thoughts turn to sweet and greasy.

I occasionally lunch with a guy who is losing 50 lbs for a few years now, nothing has changed in the two years I’ve known him. He can’t eat a bagel without cream cheese, he can’t eat tuna without mayo and to cut a long story short he can’t lose weight either.

Commitment to weight loss is no different to commitment to death. You’re a corpse contemplating rigor mortis, there’s no way back, you have cut your ties with life.

If you want to lose weight you have to cut your ties with the lifestyle that blew you up like a balloon on helium. You have to die to the unhealthy foods and lack of exercise that made you fat and in their place you must become pregnant with a new healthy lifestyle.

You are not dead you are merely pregnant with your new self.

If you cannot kill off the old you then you will not lose weight.

Today I had to be away from home for most of the day so this being my first week I decided that I would not risk coming face to face with temptation or the possibility of getting hungry with only store bought food available so I brought a packed lunch. Sounds boring and it probably was but I have found out this week that hunger is a superb sauce.

Here’s my food journal for fat man day 4

Packed Lunch:

  • 2 ham and tomato on rye sandwiches 9 p
  • 2 plums 1 p
  • 2 slices of fiber one raisin bread 2 p

Total 12 p


  • 8 oz Tilapia 5p
  • Baked potato 3p
  • Baked summer squash, mushroom and onion zero
  • Boiled carrot and parsnip 1p

Total 9 p


  • Fiber one chocolate mocha bar 2p

Total so far today 23 p

Weight loss is really simple, eat small portions of healthy food, and exercise a little. And for Gods sake write down every morsel that passes your lips. Chances are that if you forget to write as you eat, you will forget the you ate it and as they say in Hollywood “Pickers have bigger nickers”.

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