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Fat Man Day 6

Fat Man Day 6

Hello my beauties, this was a good day all round. First my stick insect wife finished 3rd in her class in the Wompatuck 5k road race. It was here birthday so this was a pretty neat present from her to herself. Keeping in mind that less than a year ago she was more than 50 lbs heavier and could not run from the living room to the kitchen to answer the phone.

Then because we were in the Hanover getting dog and cat food at Wal-Mart I decided to weigh in a day early at GNC and wait for it I was down 5lb 11 oz, yes that’s 5lb 11oz in 6 days just by making smart low calorie, low ww points choices.

Here is my food journal for Fat Man Day 6

Because we were up and out so early for the road race I didn’t have any breakfast but I did have an absolutely superb chocolate chip cookie at the guest center at the road race. I think it was home made and it was better than any store bought one I’ve had.


1 chocolate chip cookie 3p.


Boiled egg 2p with beetroot and tomato, plus 2 slices of cooked ham 1p. Total 3p.


1/2 cup of plain low fat Greek yogurt 2p with one tbs. cherry jelly 1p. Total 3p.

Hanover Mall:

2 Trader Joe Curry sticks (free sample and delicious) 2p, pack of tic tac 1p. Total 3p.


Portobello mushroom baked with sautéed onion 1/2 p, roasted red pepper and sun dried tomato 1p, smothered in provolone low fat cheese 2p plus olive oil and balsamic vinegar 1/2 p, served on 2 oz of toasted ciabatta bread 2p. Total 6p.

2 3oz glasses of Ruffino Il Ducale Toscano (Italian Red Wine). 3p

1 22 oz bottle of lost sailor Berkshire brewing company India pale ale to follow. 6p

The Portobello mushroom dinner might seem complicated but believe me the hardest part of preparing this scrumptious number was collecting the ingredients. It cooked in like 20 mins.

Also the Ruffino which usually retails for $20 is on sale in Curtis Liquors for $10.99, a great deal if you happen to live south of Boston, if you don’t then at least feel happy for us.

For beer aficionados there is no better beer for sale in America than Berkshire Brewing Companies Lost Sailor India Pale Ale. Don’t take my word for it although I should know, have one your self and thank me later.

Here’s to me and here’s to you.

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