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Fat Man Day 7

Fat Man Day 7

I am informed that in the US version of weight watchers there are no 1/2 points. Humour me here as my mathematical skills are minimal.

  • So 4 slices of weight watchers rye bread are equal to 2 points.
  • 2 slices of ham are equal 1 point.
  • If one combines the 4 slices of weight watchers bread and the two slices of ham into two sandwiches then we have two sandwiches which equal 3 points.
  • So if I only eat one sandwich how many points have I consumed and how many points are in the sandwich that is left on the plate. Sure beats me.

Anyway today I ate the following:


  • 2 ham 1p, tomato and provolone 2p on rye sandwiches ( 4 slices of ww rye bread 2p) Total 8p.


  • 10 almonds 1p, spoon of honey 1p. Total 2p


  • Chili con carne 6p with mashed potatoes 2p, cup of skim milk 2p. Total 10p


  • Boiled egg 2p with tomato and beetroot on ciabatta bread 1p. Total 3p


  • Fiber one bare chocolate and oats 2p with glass of skim milk 2p. Total 4p


  • 1 point popcorn. Total 1p


Total points: 27 points.

The chili was made withhalf ground beef (mince) and half quorn.

A neat trick withthe ground beef is to fry it till all the beef has turned brown. Tilt the pan and move the beef to the high side of the pan and press it firmly with a spatula or whatever to separate it from the fat which should move to the low side of the pan. Remove the fat with a spoon or whatever. This should make regular ground beef almost fat free.

Gotta go to the airport to pick up my son. More tomorrow.

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