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If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen

I suppose there is very little difference between weight loss and any other journey in life.

For instance if you set out to visit your local supermarket with a list of groceries and halfway to your destination answer your cell phone to your best friend who just needs you to have lunch at your favorite restaurant on her right now, and being the good but poorly disciplined friend that you are you can’t refuse, well what do you know, no groceries this trip.

As above so below translates into; as with grocery shopping so with weight loss program.

Don’t go to the supermarket = don’t get the groceries. Don’t follow the program = don’t lose the weight.

It’s not brain science it’s as simple as 1+1=2, yes it really is that simple.

If you head west then you are not heading east. If you are not on the program you are not on the program.

It really is amazing the excuses that flow from the fat mouths of pretend weight loss losers. Well here’s a tip. Winners don’t have excuses, there are no excuses.

Excuses are just your way of saying I don’t feel like losing weight anymore, it was a nice idea but I just couldn’t be bothered. You know you only live once, this is not a practice run and deep inside where my god head resides I just know that the reason for this incarnation was to consume masses of greasy fat food and burden the earth beneath my feet with an obese mass, not to mention inconveniencing fellow airline travelers.

Ok but there is one thing that you should know before you go!!!!!
Quitters have bigger knickers.

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