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Is Weight Watchers for You

Is Weight Watchers for You

Weight Watchers has been one of the top of the weight loss program on the market for many years. Weight Watchers has helped countless millions of overweight people reach their goal of losing weight and leading a healthy life. However Weight Watchers might not be the optimum weight loss program for everybody. When it comes to losing weight it is of paramount importance that one carefully examining all of the aspects of the diet or weight-loss program they are considering opting for. Below are listed some factors of Weight Watchers program that should be considered before joining.:

Weight Watchers Pro’s

  • Virtually all foods are allowed by the Weight Watchers Program.  The secret or trick of the Weight Watchers program is portion control.  Weight Watchers works on a points system where the calories, fat and fiber in a portion are translated into the points contained in that portion size of a particular food choice. On average 100-120 calories equates to 2 weight watchers points. Based on age, weight and activity level a newcomer to weight watchers is allocated a daily points allowance.
  • The leader at the Weight Watchers meetings will usually provide some education on nutrition including healthy and wise choices and some great recipes. In the weight watchers program most raw vegetables are free or have zero point’s value so eat up your carrots. Also get used to skim milk and drink water instead of soda.
  • For busy housewife’s and child minders most Weight Watcher’s locations will facilitate children.
  • If your ideal diet or weight loss program is one that will enable you to lose 20 lbs in two weeks then Weight Watchers is probably not for you. The whole idea behind Weight Watchers is a healthy lifestyle including healthy food choices with proper portion size control. The reality of Weight Watchers is that if you lose just 1lb a week for a year you will have dropped over 50lbs but more importantly you will have learned how to live and eat properly. This kind of success will usually last a lifetime and is not a yoyo diet scenario.
  • Weight Watchers requires that you track the food you eat daily preferably as you eat and record the points value of the food you consume as you consume it. This will help from exceeding your daily points allowance.

Weight Watchers Cons:

  • The cost of each meeting is approximately $13 per meeting so over a year that can equal a pretty hefty $676. There is also a sign up fee of $30.
  • Weight Watchers may not provide an appropriate atmosphere for private individuals who do not like the group setting of weight watchers meetings; however there is an online variation of the Weight Watchers Program.
  • You must weigh in weekly although there is usually a once off get out of jail card given when you join up which allows you to miss one weigh in.
  • Other than weekly meetings and weigh in the only structure offered by the Weight Watchers program is the daily point’s allowance. There is no diet as such to stick to you can eat anything you wish as long as you do not exceed the points. This might not suit a person who is looking for a more structured rigid type of weight loss program.

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