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Keep on Grinding

Fat in your head

To be fat in the world you must be fat in your head first.

So today would be day 22 if I was still posting but as you have probably noticed I haven’t been posting for a while now.

Anyway just a quick update, so far I have lost 9lb 14 oz which is just a smidgen under 10 lbs in three weeks which although not biggest loser numbers is not a bad weight loss for a loser such as me. This could mean that in under 3 months I could actually lose the 30lbs that was my initial goal.

Anyway I have been keeping to my allocated points mostly except for the not so rare occasion when I fall under the spell of the demon alcohol. A word to the wise, alcohol and weight loss programs don’t mix. Alcohol represents empty points or calories and if you are silly enough to consume one too many then the next day will be a test of wills between you and your constitution which is looking to eat greasy foods to help it recover. You have been warned, as if you didn’t know already.

Like any horse race the answer is to get up when you fall and start running like crazy. In then end your only competition is your self, yes in this epic battle we call life you are actually only competing against your self or rather your own opinion of who you think you are. You are not fat you are merely action out some strange view of who your crazy mind believes you are or should be.

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