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Mayo Clinic Diet


I was forced to remove this article as legal council for Caroline Schley have objected to the readership of Weight Watch having access to what they describe as copyright material this despite the fact that Caroline Schley was note as the author.  

The article appeared as an ehow article and in my innocence it thought it might be of help to Weight Watch readers in their battle to defeat overeating and regain control over their health and their life.  

Apparently copyright law is of more importance to ehow in their efforts to boost corporate bottom lines than is the health of ordinary people fighting their way back to health.  

If Ms Schley is not affiliated with the Mayo Clinic I will endeavor to have the deleted information returned to Weight Watch in an originally authored format.  

Thank you all for your support over the years and if you do feel angry at the forcible deletion of this article please feel free to express you anger at ehow and Ms Schley  

Article written by Caroline Schley

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