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New Year Weight Loss Resolution

So you made the usual new year resolution to shed the pounds and shake the dust off the slinky black number that haunts your memories from all those years ago, and now that January has gotten into swing and the aspirations of the holiday season have been replaced by the daily grind of ordinary living the exuberance for the new year resolution is wearing thinner than a super models waist line. What’s can a guy do.

The greatest killer of a goal is the goal itself. Mostly when we set out to climb a mountain we decide to start with Mount Everest, no ordinary hillock will do for us. But it should be like shoveling the snow from the driveway after a northeaster, one shovel at a time.

So by every means be intent on partying in the black number but the trick to weight loss is one pound at a time. Imagine if you were to lose just one pound a week, which would be 52 pounds in a year and if you kept going 102 pounds in two years and if you really keep going to absurdity a 520 pound mortal would completely disappear simply by losing a measly one pound a week for 10 years.

So your primary goal should not be to lose 50 or 100 pounds but to lose just 1 pound most weeks and to gain less than 1 pound very, very, very few weeks.

How can this be achieved. Well the answer is simple and harsh. Change your diet, change your exercising habits and you will quite literally change your life.

Eat small portions of your favorite foods, avoid weight watcher rat poisons like cheese cake and crab rangoon like the plague, eat some fruit and lots of fiber and for gods sake get off your butt and get the cardio vascular’s moving.

To look at your present weight situation from a different angle, put yourself back into the time when the jeans gathering dust at the back of the closet need a belt to keep them up on your lean butt. Ah yes I remember it well you were skinny then, and wasn’t it so, so easy to pile on the pounds.

Well no it wasn’t that easy to pile on the pounds you did it one pound at a time and you stuck arduously by your chosen regime of fast fatty food and little to no exercise.

Well as in all things the same reality holds for losing weight as for gaining it. Stick with your chosen regime.

I will lay it out for you in 3 easy steps and if I stretch it to 4 or 5 forgive my rambling fingers (on the keyboard):

  1. Make healthier food choices.
  2. Smaller Portions. Imagine that you are in Europe where an American Prime Rib dinner would feed a family of four.
  3. Walk somewhere that is like preferably 2 miles there and 2 miles back most days.
  4. Rinse and repeat.
  5. Remember me here at when you are smiling at yourself in the mirror.

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