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The Fat Man Within

The Fat Man Within

Deep inside, deep within your emotional core there is a spoiled child, a stubborn jack ass or better still a wayward cat that is intent on doing as it pleases, how it pleases, whenever it pleases. Think of an elite fighting unit without a leader, doing everything right but never ever succeeding because its efforts are unfocused. 

Someone needs to take charge, someone needs to grab you and the cat by the scruff of the neck and put you in your place. The trouble is that there is only one person on the planet capable of taking charge of you and the wayward emotional typhoon that is whirling within you. Unfortunately for you that person is you, yes the same you that abdicated the throne and chain of command in favor of being nice to yourself. 

You need to be strict with yourself, no I didn’t say unkind, I said strict, think of it as tough love, pull yourself together and get with the program. 

There are two types of people and the reality of the mind allows any person to be either type at any time. You can be a focused discipline goal orientated overachiever or you can be an unfocused undisciplined underachieving who thinks that goals are part of soccer. Which type you are depends totally on your frame of mind and the need quotient your emotions are facing at any moment in time. 

To change yourself from unfocused to focused you merely need to focus on the dire outcome of your present path. If you can shock your emotional core into seeing reality, like throwing icy water over a drunk then you have a half chance of changing your mindset and with that change of mindset comes the commitment that makes anything possible. 

Without commitment there is no hope. If you cannot commit don’t even waste your time starting you are merely setting yourself up for failure.

I am not saying that you should focus on negativity but if nothing is possible without commitment and commitment is only possible when it is the subject of want then perhaps a nice helping of terror is a good way to align need with want.

Think of it this way, if you are overweight then you need to go on a diet, however all you really want is to keep the party going. When it comes to a face down between need and want, want will always emerge victorious.

To lose weight you must want to lose weight and though you may want to lose some weight you want to keep on overeating unhealthy choices may be far greater.

There is nothing like a glimpse of the gates of hell to make a sinner yearn for heaven, to align need and want.

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