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Tips for Weightloss Success

This week my weight loss was a surprising 2.8 pounds for a total of 21.8 pounds. I say surprising because I let my hair down on July 4th.

Because I have been having a constant week in week out weight loss with no slip up gain week I was asked to explain my approach.

First and foremost I stick to the program robot like. I count everything that enters my mouth and I journal everything that I eat.

I never miss a meeting, period. Missing meeting is a sure sign that you are not committed and that it is only a matter of time before you revert back to your old dysfunctional eating and exercising habits.

I exercise daily on a treadmill and walking on the street. 30 to 60 minute’s a day at least.

To relieve the monotony of being on a diet I vary the foods I eat. This satisfies my taste buds and they in turn are not too hard on me.

This is the most important point. Portion Size. The reality is that even on a calorie controlled diet you can eat basically anything. It is the quantity of this “anything” that dictates if you will or will not reach your goal weight.

As has been said so many times in the past weight loss just like weight gain is the result of a lifestyle choice/decision.

The choice is yours the only question that remains is are you willing to pay the price of a slinky little black number hanging from your shoulders.

With weight loss the word is; “No Pain no loss”.

Have a great day

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