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Weight Loss Journey

The main reason I started writing this blog was to journal my weight loss journey with weight watchers. Being totally honest I must admit that as a weight loss journal it turned out to be pretty dismal due to my tardy posting habits.

So I am writing this post to fill in the blanks from my starting point back opoint’s calculatorn May 6th 2009  to the present day. My first post was “First Day at Weight Watchers”. 

Lets cut to the chase. Here are numbers and believe me in my first post I defrinately would not have spilled the beans re my starting weight. I guess it is easier to be brave in hindsight.

My start date:                May 6th 2009

My starting weight:       198.8 pounds

My goal weight             150    pounds

I reached my goal weight of 150 pounds on November 25th 2009

My weight today January 11th 2010 is 144.4 pounds.

So my total weight loss to date is 54.4 pounds.

To put my body frame into context I am a female 5ft 7 in.

So now that the figures are out of the way the question that must be asked and answered is how did I succeed this time when I faltered so many times in the past.

Firstly weight watchers is a great program but only if you go to the meetings and count your points and most importantly keep your food journal on a meal to meal basis. If you think I will fill it in, in the evening then you will forget some tasty morsel or other that will lie forever on your hips.

Portion size is a huge part of the weight loss process. Be honest in converting your portions to points. Feel free to use the handy point’s calculator at the bottom of every page on this site.

There is a third factor in my success which has little to do with diet but all to do with self worth.

In 2008 I went back to school and graduated as a massage therapist. Previously I had been offering reflexology which is an absolutely great therapy but demand is limited.

Offering massage therapy allowed me to in a sense spread my wings and the validation I received coupled with the success of my practice acted like rocket fuel to my self esteem.

I really feel that this boost in self esteem was vital to my weight loss success. Feeling like a different woman I didn’t need the comfort that I had previously sought in food.

Back to the food, from a purely scientific viewpoint it is an energy in, energy out process. Although we as humans like to see eating food as a pleasurable experience our bodies see eating as replenishing its fuel supply.

So if you constantly take in more fuel than your body expends in its daily activities then you will store this fuel in your body. The term for stored fuel is fat.

So we come to the fourth factor, exercise. I like to walk but living in the Northeast with horrendous winter weather walking can sometimes be difficult. So I turned my attention to the treadmill that had been gathering dust in the basement for years. At first I walked for fifteen minutes a day and it was hard but I kept at it and now I do an average of 4 miles a day running. The secret is to do it most days and as with the food if you break out then get back on track as soon as possible.

Great as my achievement in losing the weight was/is. I also started, ran and finished the Tufts 10K for women on October 12th 2009.

Weight loss appears to be such a simple process to people who fill their needs for comfort in other ways. And if the truth be told weight loss is really a simple process, for everyone that is except overweight people.

What I have found is that besides of the nitty gritty of dieting and exercise regimes, successful weight loss needs that third motivating factor which is called commitment.

The commitment comes when your need to lose weight outweigh your need to continue with your everyday life habits. Change your habits, change your life sounds great but the real quote is change your thinking, change your life.

The thinking you need to change is how you think about yourself. Self esteem, self love, validation.

Good luck on your journey. If you need support feel free to comment on any of the posts on this blog or email

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