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Weight Loss Secret

Weight Watchers works. I know this totally completely and absolutely despite the fact that I have never been to a weight watchers meeting.

I also know this and say this despite the fact that Weight Watchers turned down my application to be a member of their affiliate program.

Yes it is true I am not and have never been a member of weight watchers and have never attended a single weight watchers meeting. I have however driven to countless weight watchers locations over the years. You see my life’s partner you could call her my wife has flirted with bulging waistline syndrome over the years.

Within the confined of our marriage which today February 14th is officially Pearl (30th) my wife has yoyo dieted and swung from mini skirt hot to baggy pants and long top fat and frumpy.

She tried so many diets that didn’t work, however the two times that she lost major weight it was with weight watchers.

Losing weight is easy, the whole “weight scenario” is so simple that a brain dead monkey can comprehend it with ease, yet so many rocket scientists and brain surgeons whose Mensa scores are off the Richter Scale are confounded by it and rendered obese jellied masses in its presence.

Simplified Brain Dead Monkey Formula for Weight Loss:

  1. Commitment to lose weight. Without commitment nothing within the realms of achievement is ever possible.
  2. Template or plan. A goal is a great thing but without a method for its achievement a goal like a dream is transient.
  3. Determination. Determination could be equated to commitment but the reality of the human mind is that it loves to have high ideals but hates the work of achieving them, hence the silver bullet mentality of weight loss pills and fad diets that promise utopia but rarely if ever deliver. Determination takes a dream by the scruff of the neck and marches it to its destination.

So Why Does Weight Watchers Work:

Weight Watchers is nothing more than a weight loss template or weight loss plan. The fact that you have gone to your first meeting probably means that you have some element of commitment within your being to lose the “half person” that is hitching a ride on your ass.

If you follow your commitment and Weight Watchers Template with determined effort success is guaranteed.

Weight Watchers Template Consists Of:

  • Weekly meetings which offer motivational support from a leader who has walked for at least a mile in your shoes and other fellow travelers who are stumbling over the same pitfalls as you are.
  • A daily point’s allowance which is weight watchers marvelous way of counting calories and fat consumption. Basically by inputting the calories and fat content of a food into a chart or computer program you can instantly know how many points from your daily allowance this food choice will cost you.
  • Food journal is where you write up your daily food/points consumption.

Having seen dismal weight loss failure and the absolute degenerate mental state that accompanies it, but also having witnessed the transformation of an obese self esteem less frumpy woman into a sleek strong beautiful creature I know what works and why it works.

The secret to success with Weight Watchers it proper food journaling.

Filling in your journal in the evening is like balancing your check book after you have written 20 checks. You need to know your check book balance before you write a check; you need to know your points balance before you stuff that Crab Rangoon in your mouth.

Its so tiny and so innocent looking and so good but its like ten points and you cant afford it and if you don’t know your points balance because you haven’t been recording what you have been stuffing into your mouth all day long you will blank out and the next thing you know the Crab Rangoon will be plural and tonight when you fill in your journal you will be devastated and will feel like quitting and worst still you will be filled with self loathing.

Wouldn’t you rather be obsessive compulsive strutting your stuff in a slinky black number than Crab Rangoon frumpy. Fill in your journal as you consume, that’s all it takes to guarantee success.

Remember an overdraft is an overdraft is an overdraft. The bank will hit you with fees and charges; your body will hit you with no weight loss or worst still a weight gain.

Write every morsel in your journal as you eat it and if you are truthful and sincere in your weight loss dream you will succeed, this is not idle blogosphere chatter, it is a cast iron guarantee.

Weight Watchers are not paying me to say this. I am not in any way affiliated with Weight Watchers other than having witnessed a fifty two year old woman lose over 50 pounds which was more the a quarter of her body weight in less than a year.

I have also witnessed this fifty two year old woman being magically transformed mentally as well as psychically. She now possesses a vibrancy and self confidence that is viral, it touches, it infects and it is a pleasure to be around.

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2 Responses

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  1. Deanna says

    I found you by accident.

    I just have to congratulate you not only on your heard-hitting but ultimately sensible words. What a great post and a lovely tribute to your wife.

    This morning, here in the UK I have also read your wife’s posts about her journey and how weight-loss transformed her life. Your post about Commitment I have copied and stuck just above my computer. I hope your don’t mind. YOU have all the credit.

    I think I wandered into the Twilight Zone when I found your your site. Strangely, last night I was inspired to start my own blog Fifty, Fat and Grumpy..(God only knows how I find it again..I am a bit of a technophobe…)listing reasons why I was a reluctant slimmer…why the whole diet business didn’t thrill me…and what a horrible chore it’s going to be to change my shape. I am determined to do this begrudgingly, like a truculent child. Oh you’d have had a field day with it. It’s ebverything you criticise (rightly) in someone who has to lose weight but probabaly never will. I am just like your friend who despite telling everyone he is losing weight, he just doesn’t, because the urge isn’t strong enough. My health has deteriorated these last five years. I have good reason to shift the fat..but will I?

    This morning your posts travelled thousands of miles and kicked my wobbly arse. Wow. After Easter I shall join Weight Watchers. I hate ‘organisations and having to turn up at the same time, the same day every week. I think now that I must, or accept that I am sliding slowly and painfully towards an early death.

    Thank you both – sincerely. You really hit home. Got to wipe my eyes now.

  2. chris says

    Thank you so much for the nice comment, I read you blog at and really liked it.